The secret advantage co-working spaces have over isolated small offices


Co-working office spaces in Beverley aren’t for everyone or every business, but they are incredibly effective for an important subset of entrepreneurs, freelancers and gig professionals – extroverts.

The economy is changing, and while small businesses have always adapted to that change faster than larger ones, they have also been the first to encounter ‘early adopter problems’.

One of the problems affecting small start-ups, freelancers and other  professionals is the unexpected social isolation they experience moving from a traditional office to a smaller, individual space.

For every entrepreneur who has been delighted with the greater privacy and utter lack of distraction a one-person office or work-at-home solution provides, there is another who finds the change unpleasant, de-motivating or difficult to contend with.

Some might simply say ‘the start-up path wasn’t for me’ and transition back into a more traditional role in a larger company. However, that is not the only path.

That’s where co-working office spaces in Beverley come in.

Many people are aware of the financial advantages to co-working.

They see it as a fast, flexible and inexpensive way to get the space they need to work without all the start-up costs and administrative hassles of buying, leasing or letting a permanent space.

Now, co-working is great for all of those reasons, but many people are overlooking the social angle.

Co-working spaces are social spaces. They provide a vital resource to extroverts in the new gig economy – co-workers!

Working with, forming friendships and constantly meeting people with new and exciting ideas can be extremely energizing.

In this way, a co-working space like Waffle21 in Beverley becomes more than just the ‘fast, inexpensive option’.

It becomes the kind of energizing working community that some of us need to stay motivated and productive. The fact that it has an on-site café is just an added bonus.