What makes a co-working space effective for entrepreneurs and SMEs?


Co-working spaces are becoming more popular by the day – so what should you be looking for when choosing one?

At Waffle21 in Beverley co-working spaces are becoming more popular by the day so we have chosen the four most important things to look for when choosing a co-working space for your business, but we’d love to hear your input as well.

#1 – Good customer and administrative service

Above all else, an effective co-working space needs to be the kind of space where you can, well, work. If the printer is always jammed, the internet connection is unreliable or (god forbid) the plumbing isn’t fit for purpose, you’re not going to get as much done as you need to. Remember, in this scenario you’re the customer. You’re entitled to excellent service!

#2 – Networking opportunities

One of the most-overlooked advantages of co-working spaces is their social nature. The constantly changing community of professionals around you is like a constant networking mixer. Better still, most of them will be freelancers, entrepreneurs or so called ‘location independent professionals’ like yourself. Make sure you consider the social, motivational and networking angles when choosing a co-working facility.

#3 – Good ergonomics

One of the few real disadvantages to some co-working facilities is that you don’t get to choose the furniture. Good office ergonomics is vitally important in a co-working environment, because that hot-desk has to meet the needs of a wide range of users – possibly more than one every day. Make sure you’re comfortable with the set up!

#4 – Access to meeting and/or event spaces

Any office will need meeting rooms, and the best will have the kind of flexible spaces where you can hold social networking events, skills training or even just put down a cake and serviettes for employee birthdays. Well, these are even more important for a co-working facility. The best will include some access to meeting and event spaces with your fees, but even if you have to pay extra to reserve them, you’ll need these rooms sooner or later.