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Do i need a Waffle21 Virtual Office in Beverley? Why will this help my business?

All over the world, there is a shift from traditional employment situations to many types of freelancing, and more people are discovering the joys of it. They also quickly learn that there are some serious downsides to working from home.

However, this article isn’t intended to celebrate freelancing’s strengths or bemoan its weaknesses. It is intended to explain how one simple, inexpensive investment – a Waffle21 virtual office in Beverley, HU17 – can make the whole process easier, more profitable and generally more respectable.

  • Most virtual office set-ups provide communications and administrative services you really do need.

Doing everything yourself is actually quite difficult. Once you wrestle with all the issues that have to be done before you can get down to the actual work, you’ll find that your core business processes can be easily disrupted by a phone call, a delivery or some other interruption that ‘someone else’ could really have dealt with – had there been anyone else there.

Waffle21 virtual offices in Beverley offer a range of services which deal nicely with this problem. Not only is there a physical reception area to receive packages, letters and visitors (more on that below), many Virtual Office setups can offer phone answering and/or a call forwarding service.

Note, those calls might still go directly to your personal mobile number, but you no longer have to give that out to people you barely know or if you’re advertising, to people you don’t know at all. As an added bonus, those really needy clients can go to your ‘office’ voicemail, and be dealt with during business hours.

That goes double for your home address. If you do anything that involves physical products or old fashioned paperwork, you’re in a position of needing to make your home address essentially public knowledge in order to receive packages or business mail. The Waffle21 Virtual Office will sign for packages and mail and hold them for collection, or even forward them to your home address.

  • A Waffle21 virtual office in Beverley provides a physical address – and the professionalism that provides – which need not be anywhere near you.

Sure, 90%+ of what even traditional businesses do is handled digitally these days. But your business’ physical address is a lot more than just where it receives official mail. The right physical address provides credibility, and causes your customers or clients to take you seriously.

A lot of small businesses have made a new (virtual) post code and phone prefix a major part of a re-branding campaign, and can charge a great deal more for the exact same services based on the impression that address provides.

Just using your virtual office’s address and phone number on your company letterhead and your business cards can make you seem like a lot less of a ‘fly by night’, ‘fake it till you make it’ operation and make you seem more like the skilled professional that you really are.

  • Eventually, you’re going to need a meeting room.

Most of the time, you can meet a client for lunch, at a coffee shop or some other public space. Honestly, that doesn’t seem fishy or unprofessional… generally speaking. However, there are some occasions where you are definitely going to need a meeting room.

Whether you are making a pitch to a group of people, bringing several stakeholders together to iron out a plan of action or receiving some kind of training, sooner or later you’ll need a quiet, private, official-looking space to do it. If you want to keep that professional image you’ve worked so hard for, you’ll want it to be at the actual address on your letterhead, too!

Waffle21 virtual office in Beverley also offer access to formal and/or informal meeting spaces, even fully appointed conference rooms. Some packages include this service, as part of your virtual office fee.

You can reserve the room for a meeting in exactly the same way as you would at a ‘proper’ office, and walk your clients to the door like you own the place. Or, at least like you rent it.

  • …and then there is the big reason – virtual offices simply cost less.

You could have everything on this list so far by renting out a traditional office space.

However, many people operating in the ‘gig economy’ need to watch every penny. After all, one of the things that make freelancers competitive is that they have lower overheads, and can therefore offer lower prices.

First,Waffle21 virtual offices in Beverley are a lot less expensive to ‘rent’ than the brick and mortar variety. Second, Waffle21 virtual offices don’t cost a penny to clean, heat, power, park at, or run internet to. If you require meeting rooms or other facilities, you’re generally only paying for the times you actually use them, and not paying rent and rates on a room that sits empty 90% of the time.

A virtual office also never gets run down, never needs a lick of paint and its pipes don’t leak. Or at least, if they do it’s none of your concern! All you need to worry about is actually doing what you do best.

This is just a few reasons why a Waffle21 virtual office in Beverley maybe good for your business.

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