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More than mere convenience at stake – how co-working spaces in smaller towns are helping to save the planet

More than mere convenience at stake – how co-working spaces in smaller towns are helping to save the planet

The latest research suggests that the dramatic rise in availability of co-working spaces and flexible office accommodation in smaller towns all over the UK has resulted in substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, simply based on workers making fewer commutes into the office every week, Co-working spaces helping to save the planet!

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Want to learn how you can do your bit for the planet at the same time you claw back those hours spent in the car or on the train? Are you looking for a great co-working facility in East Yorkshire? Read on…

It’s a no-brainer, really. If you don’t make that commute into the office every day – whether that office is in London, Leeds, Hull or Edinburgh – you burn a great deal less fuel every week. You also put less wear on your car, and perhaps more importantly for some, reclaim the hours of time on the road (or stuck in traffic) that many of us rack up every week. Well, the latest research backs this up unquestioningly.

It seems that the rising number of office workers who skip the commute (or even just some of the commute) to use flexible co-working spaces closer to their home even just once or twice each week have cut CO2 emissions by nearly 150 tonnes every year in the UK alone. Now, at first, that might not sound like much. 150 tonnes is more than you’d try to lift, but it would fit on a cargo lorry, right?

Not at all. 150 tonnes of CO2 takes up more than two thirds of a million litres of space in the air. It might not be enough to offset the coal industry, but it makes a real difference!

Of course, it doesn’t just benefit the planet, as I mentioned earlier. Those tonnes of CO2 represent around 9,200 hours of driving time. You’d better believe that commuters want their share of their lives back too, giving them more time and emotional wellbeing whilst they save the planet.

Save money using Waffle21’s co-working space

Well, even better news. That isn’t a pie you have to divide. Getting in on this particular bandwagon, whether early or late, will save you time, money and perhaps even a bit of ecological guilt. How much time and money is a factor of how long your own commute is.

And people are indeed jumping on the flexible and co-working office bandwagon. Large businesses as well as smaller start-ups are using more flexible and co-working space every year. Of course, the larger businesses care more about the bottom line than the planet or the wellbeing of their workers – but that’s OK. Renting office space outside of the major metropolitan hubs is vastly less expensive, and happier workers actually do make more money for the company.

Recent research based on co-working trends in 19 different countries throughout the developed world suggest that on average, each co-working space that opens creates 218 new jobs, and accounting for a rise in productivity of nearly £13,000,000 per year. Better still, more of your daily spend is shifted from the city to your own community.

Co-working spaces to save the planet, So that brings me to one co-working facility in particular – Waffle21 in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Its location is ideal in many ways. First, may people already live in or around Beverley and make the daily commute into Hull – or go even farther afield. People from Cottingham to Hornsey will find the drive shorter, the traffic incredibly light and the travel time to Waffle21 much shorter compared to the trip into Hull.

So consider the advantages – for the planet, for your budget and for your piece of mind. You could be sipping a cuppa and already working when the competition is still queued up in front of some nightmare roundabout.

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Why large companies have as much to gain from managed office spaces as start-ups

Managed office, co-working spaces and hot-desks have become the go-to office solution for start-ups, freelancers and gig professionals over the last few years, but today more and more large, established organisations are making use of these spaces. Here’s why.

Is Waffle21 in Beverley the business centre to reduce your costs?

Large companies have as much to gain by taking out managed office spaces as small ones do. That may seem surprising, but it really shouldn’t be. Office space in the city centre (any city centre!) is growing more expensive by the month. At the same time, communications technology makes it possible for many employees to work productively nearly anywhere or any time – though most still have trouble being quite as productive ‘working from home’, so why not use Managed office, co-working spaces and hot-desks.

With the economic environment shifting as quickly as it has been lately, it isn’t surprising to find the canniest organisations constantly scouting for new efficiencies and ways to boost employee productivity without adding extra stress.

Leased office space has been the norm for a long time, and while it is unlikely to fall completely out of favour any time soon, it is becoming difficult to find any large organisation which never uses flexible, managed rental work spaces. In fact, the number of companies using small scale managed office space regularly is on the rise as well.

Waffle21 in Beverley a great venue for co-working and managed office space.

Co-working and managed office space venues, pay by the hour meeting rooms and similar spaces are no longer for companies looking for low overheads when starting out. Even large, multinational corporations see the advantage in being able to set up a team rapidly (sometimes overnight) and get them working on a new project straight away. They like the fact that these facilities are agile, and can allow their clients to be agile as well. Most allow their customers to scale their space and service demands up (or down) rapidly, and have clean, well-managed and attractive working spaces ready to go at a moment’s notice.

In some markets, the total amount of flexible work space rose by as much as 40%, and many operators have 2 or even 3 times as much co-working and managed office space available as they did in 2015.

Office work in the Age of Disruption

Dramatic titles aside, today’s firms expect market disruption, and are constantly revising all of their plans to meet the new challenges and opportunities each change produces. Long leases on huge city centre office blocks can make it difficult to stay as nimble as they would like, but there is more than that at play.

Many organisations are looking at a more decentralised network approach, with smaller offices or individual project teams working from ‘second tier’ cities and towns in order to be closer to new markets, to make life easier for their employees, and to take advantage of the dramatically lower costs of office space outside of the ‘big city’. That all adds up to a higher demand for flexible, managed office spaces outside of the traditional ‘business districts’.

If you are considering moving some of your operations to the Beverley area – or simply out of Hull city centre – then take a look at what Waffle21 in Beverley has to offer. Not only is it a faster commute (sometimes even for people living in Hull), it offers all of the flexible, professional space you need at a substantial savings.

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What makes a co-working space effective for entrepreneurs and SMEs?

Co-working spaces are becoming more popular by the day – so what should you be looking for when choosing one?

At Waffle21 in Beverley co-working spaces are becoming more popular by the day so we have chosen the four most important things to look for when choosing a co-working space for your business, but we’d love to hear your input as well.

#1 – Good customer and administrative service

Above all else, an effective co-working space needs to be the kind of space where you can, well, work. If the printer is always jammed, the internet connection is unreliable or (god forbid) the plumbing isn’t fit for purpose, you’re not going to get as much done as you need to. Remember, in this scenario you’re the customer. You’re entitled to excellent service!

#2 – Networking opportunities

One of the most-overlooked advantages of co-working spaces is their social nature. The constantly changing community of professionals around you is like a constant networking mixer. Better still, most of them will be freelancers, entrepreneurs or so called ‘location independent professionals’ like yourself. Make sure you consider the social, motivational and networking angles when choosing a co-working facility.

#3 – Good ergonomics

One of the few real disadvantages to some co-working facilities is that you don’t get to choose the furniture. Good office ergonomics is vitally important in a co-working environment, because that hot-desk has to meet the needs of a wide range of users – possibly more than one every day. Make sure you’re comfortable with the set up!

#4 – Access to meeting and/or event spaces

Any office will need meeting rooms, and the best will have the kind of flexible spaces where you can hold social networking events, skills training or even just put down a cake and serviettes for employee birthdays. Well, these are even more important for a co-working facility. The best will include some access to meeting and event spaces with your fees, but even if you have to pay extra to reserve them, you’ll need these rooms sooner or later.

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The secret advantage co-working spaces have over isolated small offices

Co-working office spaces in Beverley aren’t for everyone or every business, but they are incredibly effective for an important subset of entrepreneurs, freelancers and gig professionals – extroverts.

The economy is changing, and while small businesses have always adapted to that change faster than larger ones, they have also been the first to encounter ‘early adopter problems’.

One of the problems affecting small start-ups, freelancers and other  professionals is the unexpected social isolation they experience moving from a traditional office to a smaller, individual space.

For every entrepreneur who has been delighted with the greater privacy and utter lack of distraction a one-person office or work-at-home solution provides, there is another who finds the change unpleasant, de-motivating or difficult to contend with.

Some might simply say ‘the start-up path wasn’t for me’ and transition back into a more traditional role in a larger company. However, that is not the only path.

That’s where co-working office spaces in Beverley come in.

Many people are aware of the financial advantages to co-working.

They see it as a fast, flexible and inexpensive way to get the space they need to work without all the start-up costs and administrative hassles of buying, leasing or letting a permanent space.

Now, co-working is great for all of those reasons, but many people are overlooking the social angle.

Co-working spaces are social spaces. They provide a vital resource to extroverts in the new gig economy – co-workers!

Working with, forming friendships and constantly meeting people with new and exciting ideas can be extremely energizing.

In this way, a co-working space like Waffle21 in Beverley becomes more than just the ‘fast, inexpensive option’.

It becomes the kind of energizing working community that some of us need to stay motivated and productive. The fact that it has an on-site café is just an added bonus.